Text z hahapypy - English

  • My journey on English

  • I started learning English at 6.
    • But, at that time, I never enjoy learning it as it is a compulsory subject instead of an enjoyable hobby.
    • I went to Sydney university a few years ago, I rarely talked to English native speakers except in class.
    • I called it “culture gap” or folk-based difference, but I know the truth is, most of Sydney people were more than helpful to English learners like me, but I still chose not to.
    • I only got a few Australian friends on Facebook, but more than 200 new Chinese friends on WeChat.
  • I know it is fun to chat in my mother tongue and be familiar with each other’s topics.
    • As a result, however, I was one hundred miles from being confidant to chat in English which is a shame to an oversea student like me.
    • If I only speak Chinese, why don’t I stay in China?
    • After that, I saw a video on the Internet, it’s about a teenager polyglot lives in New York, he spoke more than twenty languages in his 16th which amazed me.
    • From then, I decided I want to be a polyglot as well.I learnt a little Spanish and Japanese on Duolingo, and improved my English a little.
    • Still, my English is not good enough, so I am here to hear advice from native speakers, to correct my grammar and enlarge my vocabulary.
    • I am truly grateful to my helpers in Sydney, I wish I can also help people learn Chinese.
    • Let’s keep chatting, keep improving, keep this society breed more polyglots.
    • Thank you for your attention, comments, please:)