Text from Invir - English

  • The Boy and the Lizard - Part 6.2.

  • No scientist could invent such a quick way to send mail.
  • Helka was writing something on the back of the pages from Gleb’s diary, and the letters immediately appeared on Yanka’s sheets of paper.
  • Yanka was writing, and Helka could read it immediately.
  • It had become common practice for them to correspond in this way. “Helka, hello!
  • Any news about Yurka?
    • I dreamt of him and Gleb.
    • Helka, grab a pen for Vaska to take to school, because he lost his.” They had written such letters to each other before, but soon realized that they should save the paper.
  • They began to write in small letters, and no longer did drawings – they were saving the magic pages from Gleb’s diary.
  • “What will Yanka write to me today?” Helka woke up with this thought.
  • It was still early morning.
  • Helka shivered.
  • There was a draught on his neck from an open window.
  • The real autumn had come.
  • The sheet of paper was white and clean.
  • Helka was waiting for the words to appear on the paper.
  • And then a string of letters began to appear on the paper.
  • Red words were written in sloppy handwriting.
  • Yanka wrote in a hurry: “Helka, goodbye!
  • We won’t have time to see each other.
  • I’m about to fly away. I can feel it.
    • I’ve turned into a Windy earlier than I expected.
  • Those two drops of blood that we gave to create the magic Sparkies probably took some of our lifetime, just like Jeremy said.
  • I don’t have another minute.
  • Helka, break the temporal loop...” To be continued...