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  • More and more companies are allowing employees to work at home.
  • Do you this is a positive or negative development?
    • Evidence has displayed that working at home has become popular among the vast majority of jobholders.
    • Clearly, I completely agree with the given statement on basis of this procedure, it would offer many benefits not only to the workers but also to the environment.
    • To begin with, teleworking has many benefits for employees who can stay at home to perform their responsibility.
    • This mode could provide an exceptional opportunity for employees apart from performing their duties; they are able to dedicate sufficient time with their family members.
    • Consider a female employee who has a sick toddler when she arrives at the workplace she is more likely to has a high level of stress, so she cannot do her works efficiently.
    • That is, it is an indisputable fact that commuting is a primary problem for plenty of women who need to leave their children at home and also tolerate crowded public transports to arrive at their office.
    • Therefore, if jobholders implement the donated projects in their own residents, they may escape the probable difficulties, they may encounter an outdoor home.
    • Therefore, they would be able to establish balanced own schedules to meet their combined responsibilities of caring for their family and getting the job done.
    • Furthermore, performing works far from workplaces could have influential impacts on the atmosphere of a metropolis.
    • Indeed, no one denies that private vehicles and public transports are two fundamental agents that are able to pollute the climate of the towns.
    • If governments make regulations for workers to stay at home instead of being present at the office, the number of automobiles on the streets that emission polluting gases may reduce.
    • For example; the mentioned procedure has performed in multiple huge cities in the world, after a short period the travel to workplaces has become decrease following that creating a cleaner and healthier climate for citizens who live in the metropolitan regions.
    • In conclusion, based on the reasons mentioned above, I confirm once again that teleworking offers many advantages for employees who have heavy responsibility at home and also for the metropolitan areas that have polluted weather.

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