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  • Essay 2

  • In contrast to the reading passage, which casts doubt on the accuracy of the Chevalier’s memoir, the lecturer finds it pretty accurate and reliable.
  • First, the passage explains that Chevalier was not as rich as he wanted to look like in his memoir.
  • According to the text, if Chevalier had really been wealthy, he would not have needed to borrow money.
  • However, the professor points out that Chevalier’s money was mostly in his property.
  • When he needed money, he had to sell something first, which certainly took time.
  • That is why he used to borrow some cash.
  • So, according to the professor, Chevalier was not poor at all.
  • The second point that the professor makes has to do with the subject matter of Chevalier’s conversations with Voltaire.
  • According to the text, Voltaire and Chevalier have undoubtedly talked to each other.
  • However, it is impossible to remember and write down accurately exact phrases from the conversations held many years before the memoir was written.
  • However, the professor contradicts this by saying that Chevalier took notes about his conversations with Voltaire.
  • When he was working on a memoir, he used the material from his notes and journals, which can be confirmed by different witnesses.
    • Finally, in contrast to the reading passage’s claim that Chevalier escaped the prison after he bribed the jailers, the professor reminds that there were some prisoners who had more powerful friends than Chevalier, but they did not manage to bribe the jailers.
  • Furthermore, the professor mentions that the prison’s ceiling had to be repaired soon after Chevalier’s escape.
  • This fact confirms his story.