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Text z Ecem1729 - English

  • Sentences Part 2

  • -He was holding a handful of flowers in his hands.
  • -I found an abandoned dog at the street.
  • -They are building an amusement park there.
  • -Did you get your backpack ?
  • -She is supposed to be here.
  • -I'm writing a blog recently.
  • -Do not park there, it is a building site.
  • -Carry on doing sports, you'll lose weight soon.
  • -I don't have any other choice.
  • -He is good at communicating with people.
  • -I've finished my homework completely.
  • -I was considering about going abroad.
  • -I'm planning to take a cruise next month.
  • -Our new destination is Canada.
  • -Don't get me wrong but this skirt didn't fit to you.
  • -I'm not an energetic person though.
  • -It looks like they'll broke up eventually.
  • -Why don't we go on an excursion to Hawaii.
  • -I use ferry to get to school in the mornings.
  • -I was frightened when i saw the bear.
  • -Please get your bills paid tomorrow.
  • -I'm trying to get to know each other.
  • -The sun comes out and goes down.
  • -This event will go down as a memorable one.
  • -The bomb went up suddenly.
  • -Hopefully, the number of poaching will go down.
  • -He had an icy look.
  • -It was difficult to identify the stranger.
  • -Did you ever have an injury ?
  • -I'm keen to see him again.
  • -Remember to look around when you got there.
  • -The company's profits are looking up.
  • -I'm not managed to do this mission.
  • -Can you manage this project ?
  • -Finally, i could get his attention.