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  • Hey, I thought it will be good to share regular posts with you here.
    • Regularly posts can make me more willing to share new things.
    • I hope so at least.
  • Today I want to write about tv series.
    • These days I started to watch "How I Met Your Mother" on internet.
    • I had never watched before and I really liked it.
    • Especially I love Barney.
    • Absolutely it has really deep problems which coming from the childhood but I still like him.
    • He can act like himself unlike most of the people.
    • When I focus his acts I am starting to think about own acts.
    • Am I acting like myself?
    • Than I am stopping myself because its hard to decide this :/ Actually the answer is "No" but who care.
    • Isn't it right?
  • But every time I see him, I criticize myself on this matter.
    • That mean is there are some matters in my mind still unsolved and undecided.
    • Anyways I don't know how I got this from the tv series but I am sure lots of people thinking their acts when watching their favorite movies or series.
    • Take care yourself until next post Gözde