Text from danil51608 - English

    • A factory in my commuity

    • I think that it would be great if some company announced that it is going to build a factory next to my community because it would provide many advantages for people living there.
  • The first advantage is that a large factory brings many jobs with it that would be a good chance for unemployed people from my community to find employment.
  • A large factory always needs many people to keep it working.
  • Usually besides engineers factories in need of truck drivers, security people, cleaners so not educated people would be applied as well as highly educated people.
  • I think approximately a thousand people would get a new job.
  • The second plus to my community is that a large factory needs a good system of roads, so I think an emerge of a factory in my community would come with new roads.
  • The situation with roads in my community is a big problem because they’re very in a very bad state.
  • I believe that a factory would not have a choice but to repair the old roads and to build the new ones.
  • There can also be disadvantages like pollution.
  • Many factories don’t care about the nature and health of people that are nearby them.
  • Pollution can lead to very dangerous diseases such as cancer.
  • There is the city near my town called Magnitogorsk which is famous for its high rate of pollution.
  • There is always smoke on the streets of the city which is breathed by its citizens.
  • I would not wish such a destiny to my community.
  • Whatever, I believe that the problem can be solved by integrating anti-pollution systems at a factory.
  • One more disadvantage of a factory in my community would be a great noise it makes.
  • As we all know it is always very noisy near large factories because of large working machines, trucks, trains and etc. The problem would be a big one for people who would live next to the factory.
  • In closing, I think that the appearance of a factory in my community would make people happy in spite of possible disadvantages because a factory would bring with it solutions to many problems the community has.