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Мәтін алынған ... - English

  • grammar check

  • Please check if the sentences below are correct. 1.
  • I wish I hadn’t told him.
  • Now everybody knows. 2.
  • It would be better if you phoned her. 3.
  • I wish you hadn’t poured hot tea when we were in restaurant. 4.
  • I ‘d rather not talk to her. 5.
    • I wish I had been more carefoul yestarday. 6.
    • It’s high time you stopped complaining. 7. It;s so dark.
    • If ony we had a orch with us. 8.
  • I’d rather you went with us than stayed alone today. 9.
  • If only my parents had given me more freedom when I was young. 10.
  • It would be better if you bought a new car.

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