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Texto de Patb21 - English

  • transform senteces

  • Please, check if the pair of sentences below have the same meaning. 1.
    • I regret I didn't lean leanguages when I was at school.
  • I wish I had learnt languages when I was at school. 2. What a pity.
    • I didn't know you were woming.
  • If only I had known you were coming. 3.
  • I wish I could help him. I'm sorry.
  • I can't help him. 4.
    • My father somkes too much.
  • I think he should stop.
    • It's high time my father stopped smoking. 5.
  • I'd prefer to stay at home tonight.
  • I'd rather stay at home tonight. 6.
  • Please don't be late.
  • I'd rather you weren't late. 7.
    • Jane is sorry she missed your weeidng.
    • Jane wishes she hadn't missed your weeding. 8.
  • Our team lost the match last night.
    • If only our teamhadn't lost the match last night. 9.
  • Mother asked me not to go out.
    • Mother would rather me hadn't gone out. 10.
  • Don't make such a noise.
    • I'd rather you didnt' make such a noise. 11.
    • I regret I wasn't in cinema with you.
    • If only I were in cinema with you. 12.
  • It would be better if I had a bigger car.
  • I wish I had a bigger car. 13.
  • He really should start learning.
    • It's high time she started learning. 14.
    • It's high time she told the truth.
  • I think she should tell the truth. 15.
  • She doesn't want to talk about the exam.
    • She 'd rather not talk about the exam.

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