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What’s the difference between ’taler ’ and ’snakker in danish ?
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-CasSandra- profile picture -CasSandra-June 2017
"Snakke" is an old word, that has come to Danish from German in the late Middle Ages. And for a long time, we have distinguished between “snak” and “tale”, where "at snakke" had a lower status than "at tale". Many may have heard at school, that "“folk taler, papegøjer snakker” (” people speak, parrots chat").
Today, you do not distinguish as much as before between talking and speaking. There are of course still contexts where speech is best, for example, “Det taler for sig selv” ("It speaks for itself").
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Den Danske Ordbog – the Danish Dictionary - says, that “at snakke”- is to conduct a (informal) conversation; Speak relaxed or friendly.
vallendaller profile picture vallendallerJune 2017
'At tale' is a formal way of speaking while 'at snakke' is a more informal way of talking. Ex. 'Jeg talte med min lærer i dag' and 'Jeg gider ikke at snakke med dig'.