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I am trying to learn Chokwe, starting by translating text from English to Chokwe. Is there anyone who can help me in this regard?


Kalimukwa profile picture Kalimukwa2 days ago


Thank you so much, Polyglot Team, for your feedback and for the greeting lessons! I am really humbled to have been treated to such an honour!

Please, you can be sure that when I have accumulated enough vocabulary and phrases I shall do as you have suggested.

Kindest regards to all.



vincent profile picture vincent5 days ago

Waou, this is quite a rare language. We have very limited resource on the site regarding this language;


Only one small lesson for greetings here:


When you have learnt something, feel free to create other lessons on the site if you want wink.gif


I hope you’ll find someone to help you out.


Have fun!