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🕒 How do you Express the Past in Bulgarian?


vincent profile picture vincentFebruary 2023
In Bulgarian, the past tense is expressed using the verb endings -х/-сх, -л/-ла, -ло/-ля.
  • petit11 profile picture petit11March 2023
    And the second past tense that is called ’’unfinished” is when the action is done in the past but it may continue to take place up to the present moment such as: аз хо̀дех, ти/той/тя то хо̀деше, ние хо̀дехме, вие хо̀дехте,те хо̀деха
  • petit11 profile picture petit11March 2023
    We have two forms of past tense in Bulgarian, the first exspresses an action that ended before the moment of speaking , example: аз хо̀дих,ти/той/тя/то хо̀ди, ние хо̀дихме, вие хо̀дихте, те хо̀диха