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How to conjugate a verb in Bulgarian? Please :)
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Nikolay23 profile picture Nikolay23June 2019
Говоря – To talk:
I talk аз говоря
you talk ти говориш
he/she/it talks той/тя говори
we talk ние говорим
you talk вие говорите
they talk те говорят
I talked аз говорих
you talked ти говори
he/she/it talked той/тя говори
we talked ние говорихме
you talked вие говорихте
they talked те говориха

I will talk аз ще говоря
you will talk ти ще говориш
he/she/it will talk той/тя ще говори
we will talk ние ще говорим
you will talk вие ще говорите
they will talk те ще говорят
  • Nikolay23 profile picture Nikolay23June 2019
    In Bulgarian there are no irregular verbs but there are three conjugations. Here is an example for the present tense:
    1st conjugation
    I read – аз чета
    you read – ти четеш
    he/she/it reads - той/тя/то чете
    we read – ние четем
    you read – вие четете
    they read – те четат

    2nd conjugation
    I walk – аз ходя
    you walk – ти ходиш
    he/she/it walks – той/тя/то ходи
    we walk – ние ходим
    you walk – вие ходите
    they walk – те ходят

    3rd conjugation
    I buy – аз купувам
    you buy – ти купуваш
    he/she/it buys – той/тя/то купува
    we buy – ние купуваме
    you buy – вие купувате
    they buy – те купуват
Thomdwarf profile picture ThomdwarfJune 2019
Oh! Thank you very much
It is exactly what I'm looking for.
Nikolay23 profile picture Nikolay23June 2019
It is a very extensive topic that can not be explained in a few sentences. Could you be more specific?
  • Thomdwarf profile picture ThomdwarfJune 2019
    Thank you for your answer
    I'm sorry it's an unclear question ^^

    I wantes to know terminations of a verb in past, present and future to be able to conjugate by my own