English Conversation(英会話)英語で話そう。

We welcome you to a fun learning experience and a warm family environment. You'll have a chance to improve your English skills and make new friends that may last a lifetime.

We also welcome Native English speakers to join this event. You'll have a chance to communicate with local people.

■■【 What we do 】■■

[19:00] Doors open

[19:30 - 21:00] English Conversation Class

Our teacher leads English Conversation. The teacher will introduce a variety of conversation points for students to talk about.

The class focuses on a theme of group discussion and teamwork to facilitate language and culture exchange between native English speakers and people wanting to practice their English skills.

(for example : English Holiday and culture lessons/Team survival exercises/English games and pastimes/Natural English and idiomatic expressions)

[21:00 - 22:00] Free conversation time

From 21:00 pm until 22:00 pm many students opt to stay and talk and chat in the cafe. This kind of practice is welcomed and encouraged.

Note: You can join during the class.

■■【 Participation Fee 】■■

¥700 + One Drink Minimum ( ¥300- )
* Participation fee is free for native English speakers.

・ Cocktails & non-alcoholic drinks are all 300 yen.
・ Beers are 300 yen - 600 yen

■■【 Prohibited Behaviors 】■■

• Coming for the purpose of picking up girls or soliciting members to religion or network businesses

Rude or aggressive members are removed from the group at an organizer's discretion.

■■【 Contact 】■■
If you have any questions, please feel free to comment here or contact Masaoki.

■■【 related group 】■■
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■■【 access 】■■
秋葉原駅 電気街口徒歩 6分
神田駅 東口徒歩 6分
御茶ノ水駅 聖橋口徒歩 6分
淡路町駅(丸の内線) A3出口徒歩 2分
神田駅(銀座線) 6番出口徒歩 3分
新御茶ノ水駅(千代田線)B2出口 徒歩 5分
秋葉原駅(日比谷線) 5番出口 徒歩 8分
小川町駅(都営新宿線) A3出口 徒歩 2分

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