Drinks @ a Stylish Bar in Ginza with a Super Cool Rooftop / 銀座のおしゃれなバーで飲みましょう :)...


PlusTokyo (https://plustyo.com/?lang=en) opened in the fashionable district of Ginza last November.

It's Ginza's new concept multifacet playground which mixes art, drink, music, fashion, food & culture in an environment that blends traditional Japan with ultra modern international design.

It's a bar, café, club, restaurant & art gallery mixed into one venue spread over five sections on two floors.

The stylish club on the roof is Japan’s first ever outdoor club which has great views of both Tokyo Tower & Tokyo Skytree!

We have exclusive access to one of the bar rooms that's super stylish & fashionable.

And it gets even better; while drinks usually start @ ¥800 we've been able to negotiate a heavily discounted ¥500 drinks list just for us Meetuppers! :)

And we DON'T need to pay the regular ¥1 000/1 drink entrance fee and have free entrance to the rooftop from 9pm :)

Sounds like the perfect venue for Friday night drinks with new & old friends! :)

Our set-up includes ......

- Awesome venue with the works in the heart of Tokyo

- Extensive variety of drinks discounted to ¥500; sparkling, red & white wine, draft beer, gin & tonic, highball, soft drinks & much more ......

- Japan's only outdoor club with views of both Tokyo Tower & Tokyo Skytree

- Music to match the desired ambience

- Great opportunity to make friends.

Breakdown of the event :

7:20pm - 7:25pm : Meetup time. Exit A8 - street level - of Ginza Station. Look for the Meetup sign.

Going directly anytime from 7:30pm works too.

7:30pm - 10:15pm : Mingle, make friends, drink, eat, do as you wish :)

Joining fee :

Foreign ladies : ¥500

Japanese ladies : ¥500

Foreign gentlemen : ¥500

Japanese gentlemen : ¥1 000.

Please note : In order to provide smoother service @ the drinks counter ¥500 is collected @ the entrance for your 1st drink.

Who's this event for? Any friend making, new experience, stylish bar/café/club/restaurant, art, drink, food & fun loving individuals.

Notes :

- No under 20's

- Most members joining are expected to be in their 20's or 30's

- The event space is non smoking but there's a smoking space conveniently located on the roof.

PlusTokyo (https://plustyo.com/) は、おしゃれな銀座エリアに昨年11月オープンしました。





さらに、素晴らしいことには、交渉の末、通常は ¥800以上のドリンクを大幅ディスカウントの¥500で楽しめるMeetupper限定のドリンクリストをご用意します!:)



このイベントの素晴らしいポイントは ......



- 東京タワーと東京スカイツリーが眺められる唯一のアウトドアクラブ




7:20pm-7:25pm: 集合時間。銀座駅 A8番出口(地上階)で、Meetupサインを持ってお待ちしています。


7:30pm-10:15pm: 新しい友達を作ったり、飲んだり、食べたり、ご自由にお楽しみください :)


外国人女性 : ¥500

日本人女性 : ¥500

外国人男性 : ¥500

日本人男性 : ¥1000。

バーエリアで円滑にサービスを提供するため、入口にてファーストドリンク代¥500 をいただきます事をご了承ください。




- 20歳以上の方が対象です。

- 参加者の多くは、20代~30代の方になると思います。

- このイベントスペースは禁煙です。タバコを吸う方は、ルーフの喫煙スペースでお願いします。