Fun chat & drinks @ a ¥330 bar in Ebisu / 楽しくおしゃべりして、飲みましょう @ 恵比寿 :)...


Ebisu 330Bar is an especially popular bar during the week where people go to experience a great vibe after work and enjoy quality cheap drinks - the perfect drinking hole for a Friday night! :)

It has an awesome variety of over 100 quality drinks ( to quench your Friday thirst and the extra great news is all drinks are only ¥330!

We've reserved about 75% of the bar for just us Meetuppers so we'll be able to socialize easily amongst ourselves.

To create an extra genki atmosphere their resident DJ will be spinning some cool tunes @ a volume level that's easy to chat with fellow members and so make friends :)

To make things easy & shinkansen/bullet train quick 330 operates a ticket system; ladies 2 tickets for ¥500 and gentlemen 3 tickets for ¥1 000 to be bought at the time of entry.

Sounds like a an especially great Friday after work set up to me :)

A breakdown of the event;

7:20pm - 7:25pm : Meetup time. Ebisu Subway station exit 1 / Ebisu JR station west exit - these two exits are very near each other. Look for the Meetup sign in front of a shop called "Champ de Herbe"

Going directly from 7:30pm works too

Going direct anytime from 7:30pm works too.

7:30pm - 10:30pm : Mingle, make friends, drink, do as you wish :)

The official end time is 10:30pm but if you prefer to stay longer please do.

Joining fee : Includes snacks (chips & popcorn)

Foreign ladies : ¥500

Japanese ladies : ¥500

Foreign gentlemen : ¥500

Japanese gentlemen : ¥1 000.

Notes :

- No under 20's

- Our section will be non smoking. For smokers there's another section.

Ebisu 330Barは、週半ばでも仕事後の素晴らしいバイブスを楽しみにたくさんの人が集まり、お得な値段で飲める場所として、とても人気ですので、金曜日夜に飲みに行くのにはぴったりの場所です!:)

金曜日の喉の渇きを癒す100種類以上の素晴らしいドリンクメニュー( がなんとたったの¥330で飲めるのです!



330の支払いシステムは、簡単&新幹線方式で手早いチケット制です; 入店時に、女性は¥500で2枚、男性は¥1000で3枚をご購入いただきます。



7:20pm - 7:25pm : 集合時間。 東京メトロ恵比寿駅の1番出口 JR恵比寿駅西口の(このふたつの出口は、隣あわせています。)"Champ de Herbe"(シャンドエルブ)前で、Meetupサインを持って、お待ちしています。 7:30pm以降に、直接、お店へいらっしゃっても結構です。

7:30pm - 10:30pm: 新しい友達を作ったり、飲んだり、食べたり、自由にお楽しみください!

10:30pm までの予定ですが、もっと長く楽しみたい方は、お好きなだけどうぞ!

[参加費] ※おつまみ(チップスとポップコーン)を含みます。







- 20才以上の方が対象です。

- このイベントは禁煙です。タバコを吸う方には別の場所があります。