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    July 2013
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    August 2012
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    July 2012
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hi, today also fuckin day. I couldn't get a job, because of disabily development. I regret my life. I've expereienced fire three times. so I want to die, Does anybody know how to easir die or earn moeny by internet? if you don't mind, please tell me, then I'll proud of you.
    June 2012
Yoshi-K profile picture Yoshi-K   
Salve! Disco latine. Quid agis? Cathoricus sum.
"Cogito ergo sum" Rene Descartes
    June 2012
  • Emiclyde profile picture Emiclyde   
    Hello french....i also love french....will be obliged if can teach me....2348033773775
      May 2012
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I teach you Japanese in English, OK?
I used to be an high school English teacher; and what are you going to do by Japanese?
    January 2012
  • Emiclyde profile picture Emiclyde   
    Pls Good friend, am willing to read japanese if u can teach me......i'll help in English
      May 2012