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Sh_nz profile picture Sh_nzSeptember 2017
Hi I'm maryam I live in Iran and I need speak Italy for University
pieropa profile picture pieropaMay 2017
ciao buongiorno a tutti hay good morning guys
sharon1 profile picture sharon1November 2016
ciao! come va
Santiago_Marcelo profile picture Santiago_MarceloDecember 2016
Ciao, Español por italiano !!!
gulcani profile picture gulcaniJanuary 2013

Hello! I live in Turin and I need to learn Italian. If anybody can help me, I can teach English in return. Grazie!

  • mirkoprovenza profile picture mirkoprovenzaDecember 2013
    Hi! I live in Milan and I can help you! Can you help me in english please? I don't know speaking english