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motti profile picture motti   

Hello, i live in castelfranco emilia in province of Modena, in a padana plan, i want say that i love pizza

    August 2013
lamberto profile picture lamberto   
je serai à Paris au mois d'aout pour un cours de francais, j'aimerais faire des connaissances pour pratiquer la langue francaise
    July 2013
kozzak profile picture kozzak   
ENGLISH-ITALIAN. Hello everybody, I am looking for people to could talk English and Italian together, we could meet every once in a while in some quiet place in Milan as for example some park or library, in this way we'll help each other to improve our skill. who would be interest on it could contact me freely.
    July 2013
Bai-Ying-Xin profile picture Bai-Ying-Xin   
I would like to learn Italian and in return I would teach you English.
    December 2012
  • kozzak profile picture kozzak   
    I could teach you Italian..feel free to add me as your friend.
      July 2013
  • Jamezz profile picture Jamezz   
    okkk. Post me !
      March 2013
  • sowfis profile picture sowfis   
    i' could teach you italian if you want so i can practice my english!
      January 2013