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callinglips profile picture callinglipsFebruary 2009

Hello nice fresh Italian people :-)

I am a 24 egyptian man staying in Milano for some business, i will be staying for some months and it would be great to meet friends to exchange languages and everything. I can teach arabic, french and practice english, so if you are interested in meeting, having conversations and exchange cultures please contact me...


Edairene profile picture EdaireneFebruary 2009
Salute... Mi chiamo Eda Irene. Ho 25 anni. Sono greca-bulgara di Thessaloniki. Parlo greco, turco ed inglese. Mi piace molto l'italiano e voglio imparare.
kabrasile profile picture kabrasileJanuary 2009

Hi pple, I'm brazilian girl and  I would like to  learn italian, maybe change the languages.. I can learn the portoguese.


Manella profile picture ManellaNovember 2008
Hello everybody :)

I am in love with ur beautiful language and I would like to practice it with italian pple.

c u !!
enka20 profile picture enka20October 2008

hi  my names  faruk  languages want itali enka20enka20 profile picture

KANOBA profile picture KANOBAOctober 2008

  for anyone in live Italy, next year I plan to study  Fashion school in Milan, so before came to attend this.I want to know Italian language,

please if you know good school of Italian shourt course   send me web or more details.   you friend from Tanzania



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