Association for the Promotion of Activities and Love in Foreign Languages ​​especially, you can attend courses and original and totally free workshops. French, English, Spanish, Chinese, German, Russian, Arabic, Italian ect ... 
workshops "theater of the world," 
"Languages ​​of employment" 
"Besides tourism" 
"Reading and song of the country" 
"Customs and landscape of the other" 
and linguistic exchanges every Tuesday from 18:00 to BANANA LAND 49, rue du Taur. "
So if you are eager to discover a language, if you have the ambition to participate in the formation of a cultural association, nonprofit, facing each other and considering each, contact us! 
Registration & Information 
Saturday, 09/06/2014 at 16:30 
19.1 Meeting Room 
Maison des Associations 
81 Rue Saint Roch 31400 Toulouse 
Access: Metro line B St Agne SNCF 
Terms of preliminary annual memberships: 
_ For only 25 euros

Họ nói đến chúng tôi!

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