The spire on O'Conell Street

  • Dato: Apr 01, 2006
  • Tid: 13:00

This goes out to every multilingual person living either in Dublin or on the outskirts!!! I want to set a day when we could all meet,  interact in different languages and learn about each others origin!!! I'm sure it would intersting for everyone. We could call it our: "Foreign Club"!!  I look forward to seeing a lot of people register!!! "The more the merrier"!!! 

Om os!

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Izgz_86 profile picture Izgz_86March 2007


I'm Irene, a 21 Spanish girl. I'm going to live in Dublin for 1 year and I think that could be very nice!! I just would like to meet lots of people and why not, have some laughs!!!!!!!!!!

Could you please send me some more information?

Thanks in advance,