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Of_Vagueness profile picture Of_VaguenessJuly 2012
Hello Fellows,

This is a Turkish girl currently residing in Dublin. I would like to help those learning Turkish! I would like to learn Portuguese in return
  • ACF profile picture ACFJuly 2012
    Hi How are you? My name is Ayla. I'm Brazilian, I want help you with portuguese and you teach me turkish, but I don't know nothing of your language.
sasali profile picture sasaliOctober 2012
hi ,Im sara ,I am persian .I want to learn English and I can help improve your Persian .
nassro100 profile picture nassro100March 2013
hey everyone am here to ipmrove my longuage english . who can help me
HeleneW profile picture HeleneWJanuary 2013
It's a very good idea! Polyglot in Dublin!
When are next events?