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YoBlackBlack profile picture YoBlackBlack   

Hello. = درود به شما Good morning to you in the Islamic Republic of Iran and good evening from the United States of America. My native language is the American-English. I can assist and help you with your American-English acquisition language skills 5 or 4 or 3 or 2 times a week for 1 hour or 2 hours on Skype Instant Messenger. And, you? Yes, and I welcome you to assist and help me with my Farsi-Persian  acquisition language skills. I am familar with Iran time zone. My present time zone is Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time Zone. I am ready to start ASAP. Thank you very much. = من از شما خیلی متشک  Sincerely, Mister Yo.

    March 2019
ahmad4157 profile picture ahmad4157   
I want to learn english
Can anyone help me?
    September 2018
Persil08 profile picture Persil08   
Hello I offer to teach French or English to a guy or a girl who can teach Persian. I am also interested in cultural heritage of Iran.
    June 2018
sepehrx profile picture sepehrx   
hi I want to learn English can you help me please?
    September 2017
  • McCleaf profile picture McCleaf   
    Yes i Can help you if you help me with farsi or dari.
      May 2018
imantehrani profile picture imantehrani   
Hallo ich möchte deutsch lernen.
Ich habe ein Level a und ich werde eher jemandem folgen, mit dem ich chatte oder mit dem ich chatte
Jemand kann mir helfen
    March 2018
maryamiii profile picture maryamiii   
hi I want to learn English can you help me please?
    April 2017
  • AghGord profile picture AghGord   
    Hi evrybody. I want to learn english .please help me to learn english.
      February 2018
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