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semasahin profile picture semasahinMay 2008
vincent profile picture vincentApril 2008
Welcome vivien31 !!
vivien31 profile picture vivien31April 2008

hi everybody! my name is Vivien and I am keen on speaking english. I want to meet a lot of people and talk in english because my goal is to speak english fluently ! ! !

Und ich  möchte schon Deutsch sprechen !  aber ich weiss nicht


PS: If somebody need help in french or in english, it will be a pleasure for me to teach a language


cloepatra profile picture cloepatraApril 2008


I just arrived to regensburg to work for one year. I find that is really a beautiful city and  I would like to learn german.

In exchange I can teach you French or Spanish that are my native tongs!

I hope I'll see you soon!!





beste profile picture besteFebruary 2008

hi İ 'M SUDE BESTE my address bestebeste profile picture ok

see u

vincent profile picture vincentJanuary 2008
Welcome to the German Network common !!



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