Polyglot Language Evening @ LOKAL

  • Datum: Dec 17, 2019
  • Zeit: 19:30
  • Anschrift: Address visible for attendees
  • Anzahl der erwarteten Teilnehmer/innen: 14
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Are you a language person? Need somebody to talk to in foreign tongues?

Or are you new to Potsdam and/or want to learn and practice German?

Or do you just want to meet interesting people from all over the world?

Then come join us at our weekly Polyglot meetings!! Weekly on Tuesdays. An open, intercultural atmosphere awaits you!

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doktorkolossos profile picture doktorkolossosApril 2019

Our meetings in the new location are really taking off <3 we are looking forward to welcoming you at the legendary LOKAL!!!

doktorkolossos profile picture doktorkolossosFebruary 2019
Hi Polyglotters! We're trying out a new, cozy location for our Polyglot meetings - LOKAL in Potsdam West!
doktorkolossos profile picture doktorkolossosFebruary 2019
Hey Polyglotters, we just blew past our second year of weekly Polyglot meetings at the awesome 11-line Café! Way to go to all of you - and see you tonight!!
doktorkolossos profile picture doktorkolossosAugust 2018
Hey Poly People! Let's glot tonight - a nice language-y summer evening @ the 11-line awaits you
doktorkolossos profile picture doktorkolossosFebruary 2018
It's been a few weeks since our one year anniversary - one year of Polyglot meetings in Potsdam! And we're off to a great start into our second year. Come join us, there's room for plenty more
doktorkolossos profile picture doktorkolossosNovember 2017

Hey everybody! Come check out our trademark Polyglot language evenings! We're not too far from our 1 year anniversary!! And we have more and more regulars from all over the world in our Potsdam Polyglot community.

daud_ismai profile picture daud_ismaiNovember 2017