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Patricksthlm profile picture PatricksthlmOctober 2012
Hey guys, I am a total beginner in german and I am starting german school in Berlin in one month. I would like to meet nice people here in berlin who can help med with german and maybe i can help you with English or with Swedish

Write me a message if you'd like to talk
  • sasa96 profile picture sasa96October 2012
    hey patrick if you want i can help you with german and you can help me with english
  • ElinaE profile picture ElinaEOctober 2012
    Your're also very welcome to join our international Polyglot meeting this Wednesday! CHeck out the link on the right for more information
FerielTunisia profile picture FerielTunisiaOctober 2012
Hallo guys Ich möchte mein Deutsch üben und verbessern und kann jemand Arabisch oder Französisch lehren
  • sasa96 profile picture sasa96October 2012
    hallo feriel ich würde gerne mein französisch verbessern und könnte dir in deutsch behilflich sein
ElinaE profile picture ElinaEOctober 2012
Hi guys! Everyone who wants to meet Germans in Berlin, practice German or other languages- join our Polyglot meetings every Tuesday!!! This week on the 30th of October, Kant Café on Schlüterstr.22 from 8 pm.
xxTroubleMakerx profile picture xxTroubleMakerxOctober 2012
Hi im Shirley. I want to learn Korean xD
For Exchange i can Teach u German