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AsTrId81 profile picture AsTrId81December 2012
hello everybody!I am new here in berlin and Iwould like to have new friends!I am here to learn german and I can teach italian english and french!
mcuca profile picture mcucaDecember 2012
hello I want learn german too, can you help me. Thanks
dannyUK profile picture dannyUKDecember 2012
Hey all! I just moved to Berlin - I don't known the city, my German isnt great and I would love to improve and make friends here! I am a native English speaker and like to think I'm friendly
  • dannyUK profile picture dannyUKDecember 2012
    Alas! I cannot...I have a 'work party'. D'oh. But the next one for sure Thanks loads for the invite!
ElinaE profile picture ElinaEDecember 2012
This Tuesday at Kant Café! Polyglot Club is meeting for a great language exchange- come and spend a fun evening practicing languages with interesting polyglots!
FrenchTouchLili profile picture FrenchTouchLiliNovember 2012
Hello everyone! I am French and I seek a corresponding German to help me put together my level German for my diploma (Abitur das: p). In return I can learn French with great pleasure!
Thank you in advance!
  • ElinaE profile picture ElinaENovember 2012
    Same here, join us! And you'll definitely find someone for a French-German exchange!
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