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Hazemtareq profile picture HazemtareqOctober 2013
Hello, i'm from Egypt and i want to teach Arabic for learning German or English, please contact me i you are interested.
SamehOkasha profile picture SamehOkashaOctober 2013
are there any one interested in exchanging my Arabic with your German ?!
ElinaE profile picture ElinaEJuly 2013
Hi everyone! Yes, there are meetings every week in Berlin! Every Tuesday from 8pm at Kant Café, Kantstr. 135 (close to S Savignyplatz). You are all very welcome to join!
Yulianna18 profile picture Yulianna18June 2013
Hello! Could anyone help me with my German? And I'll be happy to help you with Russian.
Zumrad profile picture ZumradMay 2013
Hi, everybody!
I am new to Berlin and was wondering if there are polyglot meetings here and how often. Thank you for any information!
Dima_618740 profile picture Dima_618740May 2013
Hi! Have you ever seen a social network where you may earn money? Write me! I'll tell you about!
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