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Willkommen zum Berlin Polyglot Netzwerk!


ElinaE profile picture ElinaEFebruary 2021
Hi everyone! Our Polyglot Berlin Club Meeting is today at 8pm Berlin, Germany, time and everyone is welcome! The event takes place on our Discord platform, please register here:

Stay safe and healthy.
AravindChowdary profile picture AravindChowdaryFebruary 2021
hi, I can speak the Telugu language fluently and i want to learn the german language. can anyone please help me to learn the German language? if you are interested to learn telugu, definitely I will help you in that
Vinc3iZ profile picture Vinc3iZFebruary 2017
Hello, i would like to meet people in Berlin, i want to visit berlin, is there somes languages exchanges at pubs (bars) or something like that ? Is there any activity where i can go ? Thank you
  • Lasso profile picture LassoApril 2017
    I am from Berlin, if you're willed to help me with French (so a french-german tandem) I can guide you through Berlin outside :P
Iliyach profile picture IliyachApril 2017
I want improve my english