Cancelled due to Corona

This Event is a cooperation between viaNumo
the Asian language & Culture meetup
and Lang Lang Language Institute

Hallo, Hello, 你好, こんにちは, 안녕
This meetup is for all interested in German, English Chinese(Mandarin), Japanese and Korean.

• Lets Exchange languages & Meet new People!
Everyone who is interested in one of the 5 languages is welcome to join!
Speak the language you and the person next to you want to speak.

• Where do we meet?
We meet inside the bar and usually have a sign on the table. Ask the staff if you can't find us, they know where we are.

It’s an open table for all to talk about whatever you and the others feel free to talk about. From time to time we also have a professional teacher joining from one or the other language

The meetup is free for everyone! However, as we are guests in the bar we have to follow the house rules.
-- The tables must not be moved
-- please order at least one drink

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