Polyglot Berlin Meeting!



heikebonita profile picture heikebonitaMay 2011

found the info too late - what a pity!

when will the next meeting be? please, let me know asap!

thanx and greetings,


vincent profile picture vincentMay 2011

  Thanks for proposal 

Send us some picture pleassse 

ElinaE profile picture ElinaEMarch 2011

  and yes, the first meeting is today and next week is the next one and so on )

ElinaE profile picture ElinaEMarch 2011

    The complete adress is 

"Jamerica Café" Akazienstr. 3, 10823 Berlin, Germany

Beginning 8pm, end 11pm 

vincent profile picture vincentMarch 2011

  Thanks for your comment

Elina will let you know asap


Junesun profile picture JunesunMarch 2011

  I need more information: where exactly will this meeting take place? Is it March 30th (as in the message) or April 6th (as in the header)?

vincent profile picture vincentMarch 2011

  Thanks for proposal !!