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Welcome to Berlin Polyglot Network!
ElinaE profile picture ElinaEMay 2019
Hi everyone! I've been a bit less active on this page but our meetings never stopped happening, so...please join the Polyglot Club Berlin Meeting next week or on any other Tuesday!
Every Tuesday from 9pm @Que Pasa Zossener Str.
(we also have a facebook page (Polyglot Club Berlin) and a Couchsurfing event)
Looking forward! And great there's so much going on here
See you!
smiley3 profile picture smiley3January 2019
I can exchange French or English for Hebrew and German. Whose game !?
Berisa profile picture BerisaMay 2017
Hi, I am looking for a tandem partner in Berlin.
I offer my CZECH /native/
Iliyach profile picture IliyachApril 2017
I want improve my english
Vinc3iZ profile picture Vinc3iZFebruary 2017
Hello, i would like to meet people in Berlin, i want to visit berlin, is there somes languages exchanges at pubs (bars) or something like that ? Is there any activity where i can go ? Thank you
  • Lasso profile picture LassoApril 2017
    I am from Berlin, if you're willed to help me with French (so a french-german tandem) I can guide you through Berlin outside :P