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tarakci001 profile picture tarakci001October 2013
Hallo! Ich soll Deutsch üben. Ich suche einen Chatfreund.
Raxie profile picture RaxieNovember 2012
je voudrais me parler avec des amis francais - bon, un ami sera parfait! :-)
saqibrafiq profile picture saqibrafiqDecember 2012
I want to learn German Language, Can any body just teach me German Language
  • 4anoop profile picture 4anoopNovember 2012
    Hi, I am Anoop from Würzburg. Would love to learn German in return for English from you. Have you found a partner yet?
4anoop profile picture 4anoopOctober 2012
Hi there everyone. Good day. I am Anoop from Würzburg. Its really time that I improve my German. I can help you practice English. I also speak Malayalam, Hindi and Tamil, but I dont boast about those ;-) So if anyone is interested, please write me a message....
Sunrose3 profile picture Sunrose3October 2012
Hey I would like to improve my English In Return i can teach you German
zuckerstaebchen profile picture zuckerstaebchenSeptember 2012

Hey, i m Fabian from Bavaria in Germany. I would like find some native speakers who can teach me in english. In return i can learn you some German.

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