Polyglot Marseille Mercredis (Au Flash Back)

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vincent profile picture vincentAugust 2019

This Wednesday, Rasa will be your host. Here is her message wink.gif : Hi, my dear Polyglot friends, As foreseen I’ll hold our last summer meeting this coming Wednesday. Please assure your presence to keep going our wonderful gathering and let’s have, ones more, a pleasant socializing time! Waiting to see you. Yours Rasa

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A ce soir : nous attendons environ 50 participants (cet événement est annoncé sur plusieurs sites)
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À Ce soir !!
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A mercredi
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Hi, Polyglot friends,

Many thanks Rasa for your message and great pictures of the Polyglot Club event yesterday in Marseille !!

Thanks to all the Polyglot hosts who welcomed participants this summer!
In alphabetical order : Cevza, Cleida, Donia, Gürkan & Rasa.
Quote "Yesterday night, once again, we had a lovely International evening hold by Gürkan all in good mood and friendly conversations.

The best part is that we had quit abundant number of new people coming to discover our event and willing to be back! Such success!

It was a really good idea of Vincent’s to keep it run in summer time, just because all curious travellers are also enjoying taking part into! Free world round marketing spread, ha!

Here some pics, please don’t hesitate to shear theses on your Facebook, Instagram and even LinkedIn, to get people to know about!

Wishing you all the best

See you soon, "
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vincent profile picture vincentJuly 2019
À ce soir !!
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À mercredi !!