A pint of English

Event description

  • Күні: May 29, 2022
  • Time: 16:00
  • Мекен-жайы: Address visible for attendees
  • Number of Attendees expected: 8
  • MAX number of attendees: 8

Hi everybody!


If you want to speak English over a drink,please feel free to join and talk with us!


We also speak half French if native English speakers come

Cette sortie peut s'averer difficile pour les débutants,

See  you ,cheers!

(on the terrace ,if the weather is nice)

Олар біз туралы пікір айтады!

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vincent profile picture vincentMay 2019
I will not be able to be there but I am registering for moral support
catthefroggie profile picture catthefroggieMay 2019
Rémi,Magalie,Jimmy(from OVS siite) will join us.
vincent profile picture vincentMay 2019
tip: share your event on a maximum of places on the web : facebook, couchsurfing, meetup etc...
vincent profile picture vincentMay 2019

Thanks for proposal, a mailing is being sent to the members around the location. Vincent, webmaster