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Welcome to Paris Polyglot Network!
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Welcome to the Polyglot Club Paris language exchange network

Welcome to Paris, one of the most international and cosmopolitan city in the world! :)

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OMARGAITA profile picture OMARGAITADecember 2016
Je veux pratique un peu de francais, je pourrais enseigner spagnol!
ISISFR profile picture ISISFRJune 2017

Maybe we could watch some movies together or with a group in Paris and talk about them after (or before) ? I have movies in several languages. Do u have a laptop or a place where we could do it ?
Please correct my English, i will correct your French...

tushig_bat profile picture tushig_batMarch 2017

Hi. My name is Bat. I'm 25 years old. I am trying to learn English since like 3 or 4 years so I would like to be friends with someone who speak English or Russian.

I like do fitness, watch movies and learn languages obviously ;)  

Dont hesitate to connect by Facebook. My Facebook name is : Batbileg Tushig

 have a good time 






selina_van profile picture selina_vanJune 2017
Bonjour Je m'appelle Selina et je vouldrai ameliorer mon Français et reconnaitre les autres gens. Je voudrai apprendre l'espagnol, le russie, le suedois ou allemand aussi. Moi je pourrais enseigner le neerlandais et l'anglais!
Hope to hear from you soon!
aher1982 profile picture aher1982January 2017
hi, can i get somebody talk with me for anything