Event description

  • Date: Feb 16, 2008
  • Time: 21:30
  • Address: Address visible for attendees

Hello polyglots

Good news!! We are going to have another house party for the Polyglot. All languages spoken. Party all night long from 21h30. Everyone is requested to bring something for the party. Since we are going to begin late you could bring drinks like beers any alcohols, juice, coca-cola or anything of your choice. 

A corner for smokers will be made available in the appartment. Speak different languages, make friends followed by a room dedicated to music and dance.
Due to space constraints, I can admit a maximum of 50 people for the evening!

So please do register HERE


From 21h30


75013 Paris, France

The total walking time from RER B Cité Universitaire is less than 15 minutes!

YOU WILL RECEIVE PRECISE ADDRESS, entrance code, ONLY IF YOU REGISTER and are among the first 50

Lets make this party a skyrocketing success like the others!

PS: My cell number is
06 62 75 68 33, don't hesitate to call me for additional information.

They talk about us!

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lingo_conqo profile picture lingo_conqoMarch 2008

Dear Polyglot Member

I am writing this message in response to many mails and comments that I have received regarding the two parties of 16th and 29th february.

First of all, thank you very much for being there and brightening up the ambiance, everything went totally as expected, I'd say better than expected. For those of you who could not be present, I would like to say that I and polyglot MISSED you!

As history is the witness to many legends and events that shape our lives 
(am i beginging to bore you with history lecture?), the party of 29th feb. was an attempt to finish the too many drink left overs (so you thought I was referring to Greeks and Romans when speaking of history..lol dude look at the louvre for your love of history, not me!!)

I had receieved requests to re-planify the dates of multi-cuisine party of 29th feb. by some people as I had planned it on a very short notice but unfortunately I could not because my house-mate (co-locataire) was supposed to come back on Monday (and he did come!) leaving me hardly any choice to be flexible with the date.  Personally I found the Multicuisine party to be a bigger success with great people bringing great stuff to share and I cant appreciate enough your big hearts and culinary talents.

Now for some action, everyone is looking for photos, photos and I keep getting requests for photos, so heres your deal:

The photos speak for themselves and I can stop talking!

Those of you who couldnt be present for one or any of the event, you can check our webpages for comments. So whos the next volunteer for a house party??????

Stay tuned for brighter ideas coming soon!

pat profile picture patMarch 2008
Wow! I just eyeballed Picasaweb, and I see that Ankit already put ALL the photos there. Well done, bro!

lingo_conqo profile picture lingo_conqoMarch 2008

j'ai ajouté les photos de cette soirée sur picasaweb.google.com/ankit.delta
vincent profile picture vincentFebruary 2008


to Finish the Drink's LEFT-OVERS from last party  



vincent profile picture vincentFebruary 2008
Je viens d'ajouter les photos de Daniela !!

vincent profile picture vincentFebruary 2008
Merci tout le monde !!!!

merci Ankit : farhoud a raison : tu as fait un grand pas qui te rapproche de Dieu !!

merci Jicog pour les photos (les revoici ici pour ceux qui ont la flemme de cliquer)


Et voilà les photos de la dernière soirée chez ANKIT !! Merci Ankit, c'était FANTASTIC

POLYGLOT home PARTY (paris, France)POLYGLOT home PARTY (paris, France)POLYGLOT home PARTY (paris, France)POLYGLOT home PARTY (paris, France)POLYGLOT home PARTY (paris, France)POLYGLOT home PARTY (paris, France)POLYGLOT home PARTY (paris, France)POLYGLOT home PARTY (paris, France)

POLYGLOT home PARTY (paris, France)POLYGLOT home PARTY (paris, France)POLYGLOT home PARTY (paris, France)POLYGLOT home PARTY (paris, France)POLYGLOT home PARTY (paris, France)POLYGLOT home PARTY (paris, France)
farhoud profile picture farhoudFebruary 2008
Merci beaucoup James ! J'arrête pas de rigoler en regardant les photos (surtout en regardant mon état !), thank you for everyone, there were good vibrations everywhere, Ankit is the new polyglot God (after Vincent of course :-))
Jicog profile picture JicogFebruary 2008


Salut, les polyglotes!!!

Eh bien, il ne reste pas beaucoup à dire à propos de la soirée chez Ankit, ou peut être les mots, pour cette fois, ne seraient pas suffisants! Je vais me limiter à dire un 'bravo, fantastique!' et à vous inviter à donner un coup d'oeil aux photos que je viens de publier, trois ongles à droit )

On attend toujours les photos de Daniela!!!

Je vous souhaite tout le bonheur du monde, tous!

A la prochaine (peut être à  ce soir au Snax)!!!