Laotian Dinner in Chinatown

Hey Guys,

Note that tomorrow night, we'll gather in the XIIIth district for a Laotian dinner...So if you're interested, please register as to know how many of us will attend.

See you there then at : Restaurant Lao Lanexang - 105, avenue d'Ivry, 13th

We are to meet in front of the restaurant at 08:00 PM.

De snakker om oss!

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multiglot profile picture multiglotMay 2007
Yeah, that Bo Bun was finger-licking good! Just as an aside and a personal advice, do NOT abuse the gingery dessert, unpredictable side-effects =)

vincent profile picture vincentMay 2007
on s'est bien é claté s ce soir!!! we've been having a ball !!
vincent profile picture vincentMay 2007
i'll come too : that's great !

Drapeau du Laos
multiglot profile picture multiglotMay 2007
I'll be there, and I'll bring along  my gear. If you are dying  to see my *collector's chopsticks*, just stick around!