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  • vincent profile picture vincentApril 2013
    salut, tu peux proposer une rencontre à Rambouillet via le site, sans problème, je suis sur qu'il y aura des membres intéressés
Alra profile picture AlraMay 2013
Joyeux anniversaire de la part des polyglottes de Saint-Petersbourg, Russie
  • pat profile picture patMay 2013
    Alra, THANK YOU for your support and enthusiasm! LONG live the St Petersburg's chapter of Polyglot Club! YOU make it happen!
jobrider profile picture jobriderApril 2013
10 years!! yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahh, when a Biarritz revival just for fun??
  • pat profile picture patMay 2013
    Jobrider, hope to see you this Saturday 11 May! TEN YEARS, Man!
  • pat profile picture patApril 2013
    Ha ha! SORRY guys, but Biarritz has RECENTLY changed NAME and DESIGN! It is now called "Le prétexte" and looks MUCH cosier, so why not use this "pretext" one of these days =)) Thanks for your LIFETIME support, and take care Jobrider!