Let's speak and practice English!




Would you like to practice your English speaking skills but you don't know where and how?


You are most WELCOME to join the FIRST meeting of the FIRST English Language Club in Blois! You are going to have fun, meet new people, discuss interesting topics, and, most importantly, PRACTICE your speaking skills in English!


For what objective? - In order to propose to the citizens and guests of Blois a more varied range of activities. We noticed the lack of such type of activity in the region and in the city particularly. We aim at the internalization of the people living here, higher awareness of foreign cultures, increasing the level of peoples' level in English, and making new & interesting contacts.


Where? - The exact place will be confirmed a bit later. Stay tuned!


By whom? - The event is organized by a professional linguist.



As it is the first meeting of the club, we are going to introduce ourselves, discuss the hobbies, entertainments, perspectives of the club, etc.


The event is absolutely FREE. Just bring your positive mood and prepare to share your story!

And remember: Everybody is welcome! No matter your age, nationality, occupation or level in English. As long as you want to practice and speak English, please feel welcome to come!

Μιλάνε για εμάς!

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Heisenberg18 profile picture Heisenberg18October 2019
Bonjour, à quel endroit le café des langues aura t-il lieu?
aleksandri profile picture aleksandriOctober 2019


En raison de la faible demande, nous ne tenons pas l'événement cette fois-ci.


vincent profile picture vincentSeptember 2019
Thanks for your proposal