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How to advertise for the "Polyglot Meetings" that you created?

Congratulations! You decided to embark on a whole new adventure, and you have set up your "Polyglot Meeting".

Now that you have created it, you want to "Tell It"! Here are four simple ways to go about your communication:

1. Polyglot Website: is one convenient and effective way to advertise for your Meeting. Post your message, then:

a) If you are a regular Polyglot Member, a Polyglot Administrator will send an email notification to all Polyglot Members in your City.

b) If you are a Polyglot Administrator, SOON you will be able to send an email notification to all Polyglot Members in your area. For now, Polyglot World Administrators will take care of this procedure. Polyglot Mailings may be renewed once every week.

2. Word of mouth: tell your friends and spread the word! Once you have created your Meeting on the Meetings section of the Polyglot Website, under the text box, you may click on "E-mail Your Friends". This will automatically generate an email message about your Meeting. Simply type or copy/paste your group list in the address box, and send.

3. International venue: if you choose a Meeting place that already draws a cosmopolitan crowd, this may help in promoting your gathering. First, it will enable foreigners to meet nationals. And conversely, this will put local Polyglot Members in contact with speakers of other tongues. In this mindset, YMCAs, Youth Hostels, Guest Houses, Backpackers, Aussie/Irish/English pubs, French cafés, ... all do the trick. Talk to the manager and if s/he's business savvy, s/he'll seize this opportunity to make an extra buck ;-)

4. DIY (Do It Yourself): hit the road and post! Go around the language schools/institutes and university language departments in the area of the Meeting, and post bills/posters. You can design, then print out your own poster by clicking on "Print the Meeting Flyer". This link is under the text box, right after you have created your Meeting. Do not forget to fill it out with you own particulars, then cut the vertical strips to help detach the Polyglot Website address more easily.

5. An other very effective way to help the Polyglot Community grow in your region, is to write a post with the URL of your Polyglot Meeting in local forums (other than Polyglot) that specialize in social gatherings.
Make sure that you use the exact URL, as shown in the MAIN box, when you click on "Database Mailing", below your post on the "Meetings" section.

Here are examples of websites that specialize in face-to-face meetings:
- www.Facebook.com
- www.Couchsurfing.com

This way of communicating may be one of the most effective for the entire Polyglot Community, because you'll be advertising for BOTH your Polyglot Meeting, and for the Polyglot Website.

At the first Meeting, bring your friends and in no time, your little Polyglot Community will grow by word of mouth and the other targeted channels described above. And that's Polyglot Pollination!

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