Shanghai - Polyglot Netværk

Velkommen til Shanghai Polyglot Netværk!
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superli profile picture superliJanuary 2012
Why I could not find my posted video?
Please tell me why?
Ganeshzhao profile picture GaneshzhaoDecember 2011
Hi friends, I am a native Chinese speaker and a fluent English speaker, hehe... join me please if you are interested in me...
wuying508 profile picture wuying508November 2008

Hey, guys, sorry for keeping you waiting!!

The past Oct has been a crazy month to me, much pressure under this economic environment.

However, Polyglot will still keep going on, we are preparing for our next event, keep tuned!!

wuying508 profile picture wuying508December 2008

Looking forward to incredible food and gift from all Polygloters!!!