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Bienvenue dans le Réseau Polyglot Shanghai!

Yes, we are Polyglot in Shanghai, and we are trying to make it as good as in Paris, so if you want to speak English, French, Spanish or even a dialect in someplace, come to join us. No matter you are an expat or local people, everyone is welcomed.

We are holding weekly meeting in Shanghai, so please check our meeting notice to get the latest news. And if you have any good idea or any good place to hold meeting, just feel free to tell us.

Welcome to Polyglot Shanghai, and looking forward to seeing all polygloters!

Sean Jiang @ Shanghai


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Jeff51 profile picture Jeff51   
”Er ist Kreide bleich“ was ist das?
    October 2013
  • nusretcakin profile picture nusretcakin   
    can you help me for learn chiness end english
      December 2013
Ann7 profile picture Ann7   
Pan-Fried Steamed Bun
Address: Second floor, No. 269,Wujing Road, Jingan District
Glutinous Rice Roll
Address: No. 428,North Guangxi Road, Huangpu District
Shallot pancake
Address: No. 2-22,172 Lane,Huyang Road,
Changning District
Small steamed bun
Address:No.650,Yuyuan Road,Jingan District
steamed dumpling
Address:No.207,Xianxia Road, Changning, District
Address:Changzhi Road,Hongkou,District
Begonia cake
Address:No.99,Jiujiaochang Road,Huangpu,District
The first of cake
Address:No.636 East Nanjing Road ,Huangpu District
Qing Dumpling
Address:No.805 West Nanjing Rd
Jingan District
GlutinousRiceDumplingsin Fermented Rice Wine
Material:Sweet fermented-rice, Fragrans,
Rice dumplings, Sugar
Step1:Put the rice dumplings into the boiling water.

Step2:Put in the sweet fermented-rice when the rice dumplings are raise up.

Step3:At last, put in the sugar and the Fragrans.

    May 2013
Ann7 profile picture Ann7   
Recently our group is doing project to help foreign people in shanghai. We collect the information about the special snacks in shanghai.
    May 2013
panksh profile picture panksh   
Learn from each other
    May 2013
Jason_Xu profile picture Jason_Xu   
Ich moechte einen deutschen Sprachpartner finden. Kann jemand mir dabei helfen?
    April 2013
  • adagio4368 profile picture adagio4368   
    Ach, viele Deutsche sind sehr hilfsbereit. Alles Gute:-)
      April 2013
akitsu958 profile picture akitsu958   
Hi! I speak Chinese only greeting.
Please teach me Chinese.
Last month I reached Shanhai.
    April 2013