Beijing - Réseau Polyglot

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battis profile picture battis   
Hi, i am ready to teach English, in return I would love to learn Chinese in Beijing between mid June - end of July 2014.
    January 2014
  • Eeeeemrys profile picture Eeeeemrys   
    how do you want to learn chinese?
      April 2014
Maymou profile picture Maymou   
Ni hao , wo shi faguoren !! wo xia ge xingqi yao qu Beijing !! WO xiang xue Zhongwen ! shei keyi jiao wo Zhongwen ? wo keyi jiao dewen, fawen he yingwen !! xiexie
    April 2013
  • Hellwalker profile picture Hellwalker   
    Hi, I am fluent in Chinese and English, and I want to learn French and German. My skype is: hellllwalker
      September 2013
  • Sarahz profile picture Sarahz   
    Next week I can help you ~~~I'm in Peking~
      July 2013
  • ting619387624 profile picture ting619387624   
    I can help you with Chinese and I am a university student .I want to learn more about English
      April 2013
  • Maxpisces profile picture Maxpisces   
    I'm glad to help you, and now I'm working in Beijing, I also can teach you some local words! My skype is maxpisces my email is MaxpiscesMaxpisces profile picture
      April 2013
DonH profile picture DonH   
German Teacher needed from July to the end of August! I can teach Chinese (mandarin) and English!
    July 2013