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  • camilasxx profile picture camilasxxAugust 2012
    si puedes hablar en espanol,yo creo que no hay problema para mi ,practica mandarin contigo!!
Maymou profile picture MaymouMay 2013
URGENT !!!!!
Chinese Teacher Wanted !! I'm looking for a chinese teacher, who has time !! 6 to 10 hours per week !! I can teach French, German and English !!

LittleDutchGirlElise profile picture LittleDutchGirlEliseJanuary 2013
Hey I come from the Netherlands, and I want to be learn Chinese, can you help me ^u^
  • Hellwalker profile picture HellwalkerSeptember 2013
    Hi, I am fluent in Chinese and English, and I want to learn French and German. My skype is: hellllwalker (However I am not a Chinese teacher, I am a high school student in Beijing)
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