Beijing - Polyglot-Síť


Messi19840206 profile picture Messi19840206September 2012
today is a traditional chinese festival-Moon festival. Happy you guys.
simon2715 profile picture simon2715September 2012
Hello! My name is Simon and chinese name is Wangzhida. I'm 25 years old live in Beijing. I try to looking for someone native english language partners to improve my English skill. I am also happy to help you to learn Chinese. I can correct your pronunciation with stronge, pure, clear, without any dialect voice. I like to talk but my English is not stable, I keen to someone colud correct my English expression.
simon2715 profile picture simon2715September 2012
EricaLai profile picture EricaLaiSeptember 2012
hello everyone
1095767894 profile picture 1095767894August 2012
hello every i love there
DavidZhang profile picture DavidZhangAugust 2012
I have some French documents to be translated into Chinese.
I am looking for someone who can do that.
If you are able to, don't hesitate to contact me!!!!!!!!
I will pay for that by T/T