Make friends, share insights & Chinese! 用汉语...结识新朋友、分享知识和经历!...

  • Date: Jan 15, 2021
  • Time: 19:00
  • Address: Address visible for attendees

Welcome to ~ Beijing Happy Chinese Corner ~!
欢迎来到 ~ 北京快乐中文角 ~!

Chinese friends are welcome to lively discussions with interesting and friendly Chinese-speaking foreigners.

Chinese learners are welcome to an evening of Chinese-only conversation, friendship and fun!

We gather in a cafe once a week and our activity lasts 2 hours! In the first hour, we start with "self introduction" in Chinese, and after that we take turns reading aloud a short article in Chinese (from, then translating aloud to English! Great for practicing both English and Chinese! And the second hour is for mingling freely in Chinese.
我们每周会有一次在咖啡馆的聚会,每次活动一共持续2个小时!在第1个小时里,我们会先用中文做一轮“自我介绍”,接着大家会一起轮流朗读一篇简短有趣的中文文章(来源: ),然后将所读的内容翻译成英文!相信这会是一个既练习英文、又练习中文的好机会!第2个小时则是大家用中文自由聊天的时间。

We've also gathered for KTV, the outdoors, and pizza on occasion.

Friendship, a little fun and a richer understanding of our different cultures is what we're all about!

The cost of the activity is the purchase of one drink or snack from the counter :)
活动的费用是一份饮料或者甜点 :)

Contact information (Please note to join the event)
Wechat: fish_alex; Tel:[masked]
微信:fish_alex; 电话:[masked]
Please try to use WeChat, thanks

See you there!

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