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Event description

  • Date: Jan 25, 2023
  • Time: 19:00
  • Address: Address visible for attendees

Welcome to ~ Beijing Happy Chinese Corner ~!
欢迎来到 ~ 北京快乐中文角 ~!

Chinese friends are welcome to lively discussions with interesting and friendly Chinese-speaking foreigners.

Chinese learners are welcome to an evening of Chinese-only conversation, friendship and fun!

We gather in a cafe once a week and our activity lasts 2 hours! For each event, we will prepare a topic for everyone to discuss together. We will also be divided into a Chinese group and an English group. You can either choose to join the Chinese group to practice Chinese, or you can join the English group to exchange ideas with new friends.

We've also gathered for KTV, the outdoors, and pizza on occasion.

Friendship, a little fun and a richer understanding of our different cultures is what we're all about!

The cost of the activity is the purchase of one drink or snack from the counter :)
活动的费用是一份饮料或者甜点 :)

Contact information (Please note to join the event)
Wechat: fish_alex
*The event information on Meetup is not updated in time. Please add wechat to confirm the latest event information.
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See you there!

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