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  • PaoloCanadese profile picture PaoloCanadeseMarch 2012
    Parlo inglese. Cerco per un amico chi vorrano parlano italiano, e correggono io. Anche io correggo inglese di Lei.
Sarcasticklicker profile picture SarcasticklickerDecember 2011

Je suis Kim de Canada/I am Kim from Canada/Soy Kim de Canada.

Joyeuses Fêtes!/Happy Holidays!/Feliz Navidad y prospero año!
melmhs profile picture melmhsDecember 2011
Hi everyone, I'm Melanie from Canada. My native language is English. I'm on this site to learn German and to teach English!
FrankV profile picture FrankVDecember 2011

Hello, I am Frank from Canada. My native language are French and English I'm looking to learn how to speak Thai. Can you help me?

michelk profile picture michelkDecember 2011
Hello, I am Michel from Lebanon. My native language is Arabic, I also speak French and English fluently, and I know some Spanish. I am now in Toronto and I'm looking to improve my English pronunciation.
KToronto profile picture KTorontoJune 2009

Hi, not only am i somewhat new to polyglot, i'm also new to this website's interface.


anyway, i'd love to make as many friends as possible here.


my website is KToronto dot com


my personal info is all there


If anyone wants to do free language exchange, I'm a native English speaker. I  also speak Chinese. I'd like to learn Korean, Turkish, Japanese and other languages.